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Howdy! I am Terra and welcome to my site. I made this website as a task specially for Articles International, --an ESL and Website Development course. If you would like to work with me, simply use the contact form found on this website. Below is my Curriculum vitae, with some examples of sites and well written articles I made perversely.

Graduated with honors from ECS
14 years of article writing experience (specifically intended for Online viewers)
5 years of website development experience.
Committed, team player employee with a taste for particulars.

Work Experience.
Articles International,2008 - Present
Office manager
In control of arranging a international crew of internet writers to match a challenging list of increased objectives and goals.
- Make cutting edge records for productivity, boosting production by 30% globally
- Correctly handled continuous logs of task distribution
- Operated QA for worldwide generation over a sizable crew of writers

Self-employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Arabic
Outstanding competence utilizing various choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

Ajax Ontario Canada Condominiums - Find Condos For Sale And Rent

When looking for the perfect area to buy a home, many factors come into consideration. The Job market, Safety, Education, Economy, and Recreation are some of the most important aspects when finding the location for your next home. Ajax Ontario meets all of these requirements and... More on this site..

Ajax Homes For Sale

Most of the Ajax consists of single family residences and its downtown is constantly being developed and revitalized. The town of Ajax is becoming increasingly more diverse as well as many young ethnic professionals are moving into the town and working in Toronto. The jobs in Toronto are appealing to these young ethnic professionals and at the same time the allure of Ajax is intriguing. Contributing to the economy and employment in Ajax are... To read more click here...

Beaver Creek Yukon Canada Homes - Search For Homes Online

 It is located at the Historical Mile 1202 of the Alaska Highway.  This presents its location to be close to the Alaska-Yukon border, making it Canada’s westernmost community.  It is also home to the Beaver Creek Airport.  The main employers of Beaver Creek include the White First Nation, a Canada Customs post... Source..

Belleville Ontario

border. With a population of about 49,000 residents, you can be certain that this city is just right about enough for anyone who wants to have fun... Source..

Houses For Sale

It is best to opt for a house that is located in an area where houses are usually sold at a later time by homeowners. One that is situated in proximity to the downtown area of your locality is a good option. Another important thing you should consider is the community where a house... More on this site..

Brooks Real Estate

Brooks Real Estate Located in the county of Newell, Brooks Alberta Canada is a growing city east of Calgary, it's growing with people re-locating to it all the time. Brooks Alberta was officially established in about 1910 with that area originally being buffalo hunting ground... To read more click here...

Guide To Buying A House In Canada - Expert Real Estate Advice And Tips

Real estate agents can warn you of any potential problems and issues that may relate to the home you want to buy or the area you want to buy in. They are... More on this site..

Cobourg Real Estate

Situated on Lake Ontario in Canada, the town of Cobourg offers the charm of country living and the sense of enjoyment living on the waterfront. The living is easy in Cobourg, yet for anyone choosing to call this place their home, Cobourg offers a city lifestyle as well with plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment. Only an hour\'s commute from Toronto, many... Continue reading..

Condos For Sale In NJ

There are almost 8.7 million people who live in this state. As a matter of fact, it is considered as one of the most populous states of the US. You will experience typically humid and hot weather during summer and cold weather during winter. The state is also popular for its richness in diverse serene white sand beaches, wonderful landscapes... To read more click here...

Ecuador Real Estate

You will surely appreciate and love this experience in your lifetime. This country is bordered by Peru and Colombia and to the west is the Pacific coast. Its name implies its specific location on the planet: at the equator. Ecuador is a South American country which is popular for its excellent biodiversity. It is also known for being rich... Click here to read more..

House Listing

 Having your finances organized before you find a new house will save you a lot of time in the future.   You will also want to get preapproved for a mortgage.  Doing so will allow for you to have a better picture of what lender will approve you.... More on this site..

Toronto Homes

This reflects its role as an important destination for immigrants to the area. Toronto provides one of the most diverse cities as its population consists of 49% born outside of Canada. It is rated one of the most livable Toronto homes by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. This is due to the city’s low crime rates, high standards of living, friendly attitudes and it’s clean environment. It has... More on this page..

Toronto Homes For Sale

Toronto Homes for Sale Toronto is a wonderful metropolitan city that offers not only superior cultural and recreational facilities but also offers a delightful network of beautiful parks as well as being the business hub of all of Canada. Toronto is great location for any sports lover as Toronto is home to no less than four professional teams and proudly boasts the world's third largest English-speaking theatre. Toronto... More on this page..


The same intense sensation that landscape aficionados would feel when they take a look at a piece of small land in their yard that was turned into a wonderful masterpiece through the art of landscaping.  If you were born with a creative mind you can probably sketch a plan by yourself using the motif or design of your house as a basis. In doing this, you may use some landscaping or garden magazines to... Find out more...

Toronto Condos

Although these two common living choices differ in those categories they are often much a like. This guide is provided to give you information regarding homes and Toronto condos and how they share similarities regarding the homeowners’ association. As far as maintenance goes for a home or condo goes, you as the owner will be required to maintain. This can be an abundance of things... Source..

Homes For Sale

A survey showed that over half of Canada’s new migrants buy homes for sale within the first three years of landing on Canada’s territories. This is a sign that the financial health of incoming migrants to the Canadian area is looking positive. Canada’s new migrants will encounter a few difficulties which can be easily overcome. However the majority... Continue reading..

House Selling Tips - Guide For Homeowners

House Selling Tips Website - House Selling Tips Anyone who has sold a home knows what a daunting process it can be. Whether you can't wait to get into a place that better suits your needs, you are parting reluctantly with a house you love,... Click here to continue..

How To Sell Your Home - Homeowner's Guide To Success

  Selling a home is a very stressful work. You will be dealing with a lot of people and they all have something to say when you talk to them. So, if you are one of the people that considers to sell their home, here is some tips that will guide you... Find out more...

Johnston Real Estate

The numerous locations that helped make America the great country that it is today began here in Johnston County North Carolina. Head over to the tourism bureau to see those locations. The economy is stable... To read more click here...

Mortgage Rates

In the fixed rate mortgage, the calculation is primarily based on a particular rate established by the so- called secondary market. This market is the place where bonds and mortgage- backed securities are traded and sold. There are several factors that can affect this rate... Find out more...

Langdon Real Estate

This claim of no deaths for 25 years in Langdon is a recorded fact. Growth in this hamlet was slow until the late 1900s when major residential developments encouraged expansion. This expansion was mostly due to its proximity to Calgary. While being in close proximity to Calgary assisted Langdon in residential development it hindered any entertainment or growth in amenities. While living in Langdon was desirable, people still wanted... Read more..

Lindsay Houses

Lindsay, Ontario is surrounded by many of Canada’s great lakes and is especially a great vacation spot for the summer time. Lindsay is located twenty-seven... Find out more...

Real Estate Listings

Although the owner still has a lot more freedom compared to other listing options, the real estate broker will represent the owner in this type of listing. Owners are still allowed to sell the property by themselves and are not obligated to pay a commission. The real estate broker involved in this situation has freedom as well though as they are allowed to communicate with other brokers. This means that another broker on... To read more click here...

Condos For Sale

Whether you are living in one or renting one for a vacation stay, they allow for everything you need without all the extra maintenances of owning or renting a home. Condominiums are also great for any individual(s) that are not yet for the big commitment to... Source..

Listing Homes - How To List Your Home For Sale

Selling a home can be a very difficult process – much harder than most people first realize. The first step to selling your home is listing them. In this guide we shall look at how you can list your... Read more..

Luxury Condominiums - Guide To Buying, Renting And Living In Luxurious Condos

High-rise luxury condominiums are being built all over the world, especially in major cities.  These condominiums offer some of the finest amenities, innovative architecture design, luxurious interiors and quality in construction that you can depend on.   Luxury condominium living as a whole is a popular option for many as it... More on this page..

Manotick Real Estate

This move has helped to keep the crime rate low and insure that the area stays clean and beautiful for all of the residents to enjoy. For anyone who has been looking for a place that is accessible to the city, yet out of... More on this page..

Midland Real Estate

Its name was derived from the word Kanadario which means Sparkling water a really fitting name for such a city. It is situated at the southern end of the three thousand Islands of Georgian Bays . Of all the islands, Midland is known for its economic ability. The city boasts a population of... Source of information..

Vancouver Real Estate

 The City is known as the “downtown” of the North Shore areas.   The District of North Vancouver on the other hand is the larger... Click here to read more..

Old Barns

In the countryside, there are a lot of structures that require refurbishing and renovation. Most of these structures are not houses but barns. Barns are very common in rural areas but these can also be found in suburban communities as well. There are... Find out more...

Orangeville Real Estate

All the buildings in the town are also non-smoking zones. This makes it a very attractive place for one to go. All people who live in it or go to visit the town must abide to the by-law as well as the... Click here to continue..

Penticton Real Estate

Penticton is a modern Canadian city, located in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, with a population of 42,000 which rises to 60,000 in the peak summer vacation months. Also known as, “The 'Peach City', Penticton is fortunate in both locations, situated between two lakes, the larger Okanagan Lake in the north, and the smaller Skaha Lake in the south, and climate, which is hot and sunny in the summer months, rivaling many premier Mediterranean resorts... More on this site..

Peterborough Ontario Canada Houses - Find Homes For Sale

Peterborough, Ontario is located in Canada, and is northeast of Toronto. With a current population of more than 75,000 residents, Peterborough is a city that has enjoyed a great deal of industrial growth due to the fact that it started to generate hydro electrical energy very early on. This helped the city... Click here to continue..

Port Perry Homes

Port Perry Ontario, Canada is a small community located in Scugog Township, Durham Region of Ontario Canada. It is approximately an hour outside of Toronto. It has a 24 bed hospital, municipal offices, and retail businesses. The downtown area has a very Victorian feel to... More on this site..

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are persons who help people buy and sell houses and other properties such as business buildings and industrial buildings.This kind of job requires him to know the selling price of the house that is up for sale.He must be very well versed with the laws concerning the buying and selling a house. The agent should be knowledgeable on housing loans that will assist a person who needs money... Source..

Realty Of Maine

For the people who are looking into purchasing, Maine has a very interesting landscape and there are plenty of attractions that can be visited. Interested parties can contact any agent to view properties in the realty of Maine. Scenery is what scenery is what the state can brag about and living within the state would... Source..

Sale By Owner

If you use the internet for anything more than social networking sites and videos then you probably aware of all the things out there that... Click here to read more..

Scarborough Homes For Sale

Bordered by Victoria Park Avenue to the west, Lake Ontario to the south, the Rouge River and the Little Rouge Creek and the Scarborough-Pickering Townling to the east and Steeles Avenue E. to the north, Scarborough Ontario Canada is actually an eastern вЂ˜suburb\' of Toronto.... Source of information..

Scarborough Real Estate

Scarborough Ontario Canada forms the eastern part of the city of Toronto, Canada. It was named for it\'s resemblance to the white cliffs in England. Due to the fact that this area is part of Toronto, there are numerous pieces of real estate available in this part of town. This is an area that is diverse in it\'s culture and has a great deal of natural beauty. This is considered to be the greenest and most naturally... Read more..

Stoney Creek, Ontario

It was a municipality before but now, it is already part of Hamilton (a port city in Ontario). This change took place after consolidation by the province in the year 2001. More specifically, Stoney Creek in Ontario is situated on the south shore of western Lake Ontario which is one of the North America’s five Great Lakes. It was in 1984 when it became a city. In spite of the explosion of residential... More on this site..

First Time Home Buyer

There is a proper technique on how you can find out how much you should pay for a home as reasonable as possible. If you... Source..

Thornhill Houses

The lake prevents the winters from being very severe. There are several places one can tour while in Ontario. This depends on ones preference. It is filled with galleries, restaurants, museums, music halls, sports facilities and not to forget the beautiful lake, Lake Ontario. The lake provides facilities like boat rides, marinas and there is also a beach on the waterfront. The... More on this page..

Toronto Homes

Toronto Homes The Canadian city of Toronto and it's surrounding areas, known to locals as The GTO, is a vibrant and diverse city to live in. There's the... Source..

Toronto Homes

Toronto Homes Toronto, Canada, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is located in the southern part of the country less than 200 miles from the U.S. border. With a population of over two and a half million... Find out more...

New Homes In Vaughan

Others were Patterson, Fisherville, Elgin Mills, and Nashville. Vaughan was established as Vaughan Township in 1850. Humber River Regional Hospital is the closest hospital in Vaughan.  Some of the local attractions of Vaughan include the Baitul Islam Mosque, the Boyd Conservation Area, the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum, Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Thornhill Town Centre and the Vaughan Mills mall. York University has 43,000 students enrolled in it. Sports... Read more..

Whitby Ontario Houses - Real Estate In Hybrid City Of Urban And Rural Character

Being able to enjoy work and play is quite possible here. The labour force in Whitby is very diverse industrially.... Source of information..

Woodbridge Real Estate

They have a population of over 100,000. The temperature ranges from hot and humid summers to cold and snowy winters. The main attraction is located on Woodbridge Avenue, which is a tourism spot, where you will find many historical houses, including the Nathaniel Wallace House and the famous Humber River. This is a great place to live and raise a family. Once you come, you won't want to leave because... Continue reading..

Woodstock Real Estate

The community here was settled in 1800 after being confirmed by Sir John Graves Simcoe. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada has a lot to offer including tree lined streets, abundant parkland, century old homes and of course friendly citizens. Woodstock's history is maintained not only for their museum and county courthouse but also in their downtown buildings plus Victorian heritage homesteads. They offer a selection... To read more click here...

Apartment For Rent

High-rise apartments and condominiums can be found specifically in the Toronto, Canada. They continue to spread around this great city which allows for all its major suburbs to... Click here to read more..

Apartments For Rent In Fort Lauderdale

Like all rental homes, these kinds of apartment rentals have garages intended for parking vehicles, walk-in cabinets for storage space as well as full-sized... To read more click here...